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4.5 sao trên tổng 36 đánh giá
11 Nov 2020 tại 16:06 Receive and delicious
4 Oct 2020 tại 0:20 The best desserts in town. Forgot to leave reviews on a few previous orders, but the quality is quite consistent; we usually go for the sweet chocolate/fudge/brownies.
24 May 2020 tại 9:44 The chocolate fudge cake was absolutely delicious, nice and sweet. Was a big hit at the birthday party. Still have a bit and always looking forward to a little dessert after meals. Surprised it came with candles also. Confident strong recommendation
10 Apr 2019 tại 10:25 The food is excellent...every time. The only reason I gave four stars for delivery is that, although the deliver was exactly as promised, the requirement to have exact change to pay in cash is a pain in the butt. I'm going to try to find another source.
27 Mar 2019 tại 9:24 Delivery was five minutes after start of the two-hour time window that the Bakery gave me....GREAT! The bread is wonderful...and freshly baked! The English muffins were baked on the same morning of delivery!
4 Jan 2019 tại 8:25 The order never comes at the requested time, but might show up an hour early. This makes it difficult for me to predict when to be at home.