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4.5 sao trên tổng 34 đánh giá
24 May 2020 tại 9:44 The chocolate fudge cake was absolutely delicious, nice and sweet. Was a big hit at the birthday party. Still have a bit and always looking forward to a little dessert after meals. Surprised it came with candles also. Confident strong recommendation
10 Apr 2019 tại 10:25 The food is excellent...every time. The only reason I gave four stars for delivery is that, although the deliver was exactly as promised, the requirement to have exact change to pay in cash is a pain in the butt. I'm going to try to find another source.
27 Mar 2019 tại 9:24 Delivery was five minutes after start of the two-hour time window that the Bakery gave me....GREAT! The bread is wonderful...and freshly baked! The English muffins were baked on the same morning of delivery!
4 Jan 2019 tại 8:25 The order never comes at the requested time, but might show up an hour early. This makes it difficult for me to predict when to be at home.
5 Oct 2018 tại 18:52 They were really great about delivering for me the same day as I ordered. I really appreciate that!!
29 May 2018 tại 9:48 Everything I ordered was so delicious! From the cheesecake to the cinnamon loaf to the brownies and chocolate cake. Definitely my go-to bakery in HCMC!
3 Apr 2018 tại 19:12 Outstanding pumpkin cakes and cinnamon rolls. Super brownies,nice folks.
31 Mar 2018 tại 15:36 Delivery was 30 minutes later than the time range they gave me the day before. A little disappointed about that since I love their sweets so much and wanted to eat them ASAP.
22 Mar 2018 tại 13:18 Ordered for next day delivery. I just love their cranberry lemon scones and cookies. I wish it was cheaper just so I can’t order so much more from them. So delish!
18 Mar 2018 tại 11:43 It takes a whole day for the delivery just like all the other reviews say - don’t forget that like I did, lol. Everything was pretty good. I wish there was more cinnamon and sugar in the cinnamon buns though. And perhaps, as a suggestion, make sticky bu
14 Mar 2018 tại 18:43 I've ordered 3 times from harvest and I can say don't order the apple streusel cake,mine fell apart into millions of crumbs. The brownies and carrot cake are outstanding ,however and cinnamon rolls also good.
28 Feb 2018 tại 9:22 Great western style baked goods right to your door ,on time,with a smile! Big portions real brownies(not choc. cake) and eng. muffins?? In Saigon....Yea!!